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7 Key to a Balanced diet Based on Ayurveda | 5 Healthy Eating Habits

| 7 - Key to a healthy diet - Based on  Ayurveda

Healthy Eating Habits can change your life and living experience. we have listed and described few healthy eating habits for different foods, Here are the highlighting points of the article:

  • Is meat important for our meal?
  • How much water should you drink in a day?
  • Benefits of eating raw vegetables?
  • Best Alternatives to Sugar and How to Use Them
  • Best way to eat Grains and there Benefits
  • Best way to eat Lentils and Nuts

| Is meat important for our meal?

Meat is a rich source of proteins. But we only require a few grams of protein in our daily diet, and excess protein consumption could cause cancer and other health issues like extra load on kidney and liver, Creation of stone in our body etc.
Sprouted gram, nuts, fruits, and dry fruits are good sources of protein, which can fulfill all your body’s requirements. Can be a good substitute for meat. Consuming nuts also reduces the risk of heart disease. and if you a nonveg lover prefer to fish it would be best. It is easily Digest and contains a very high nutritional value.

| How much water should you drink in a day?

Don’t drink too much water it causes swelling of the brain. It is always best to drink just a little more than what is needed to quench your thirst.4


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Always left standing water in a copper vessel overnight. Copper vessel destroys bacteria and energizes the water powerfully.

| Benefits of eating raw vegetables?

We need enzymes for the digestion process because all enzymes are not present in the body, the food we eat is also supposed to contribute to digestion. The process of cooking destroys a significant portion of these enzymes in food. Destructed enzymes are not sufficient to help proper digestion. The body struggles to re-constitute these destroyed enzymes.

Start including veggies in your diet, it keeps the body healthy and energetic. Start with 25% natural food and slowly increase it to 100% in four to five days. Stay there for a day or two and again cut it down in five days to 50% natural food and 50% cooked food. This is an ideal combination for most people who are actively engaged in daily life routine for sixteen to eighteen hours.

Natural food takes more time to eat than cooked food because it needs to be chewed more. So you need to consciously spend more time at the table to ensure you are eating sufficient food.

Note: When eating raw food, be sure to soak them in a little bit of salt water and then swish them in cold water. This takes away any harmful organisms on the food.

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| Best Alternatives for Sugar and their benefits.

Recent research reports show that high sugar consumption could worsen arteriosclerosis, and contribute to diabetes and nutritional deficiencies. So the question arises that what could be a solution if without sugar mind will disrupt. So here are some Alternatives for Sugar.

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Here are the 2 best Alternatives to Sugar Cick heare to see re


Jaggery is a healthy sweetener and better replacement for sugar. Jaggery is an unrefined sugar product. It's sometimes referred to as a "non-centrifugal sugar," because it's not spun during processing to remove the nutritious molasses. It retains the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins present in cane juice, and is used in Ayurveda to treat a dry cough, improve digestion and for a host of other health issues.

Use the “ugly,” dark-looking jaggery is usually the proper jaggery. Don’t use white, neat-looking jiggery which is super phosphate jaggery.


Honey has been used by all around the world over the past 2,500 years because of health benefits and it is also a wonderful substitute for sugar. Daily consumption of honey can do a lot, especially for people with excess mucus problems and asthma.
It has to wound-healing properties and antibacterial action.
When honey is mixed with tepid water and consumed every day, it raises the red blood cell (RBC) count in the circulatory system.

Note: Honey should not be given to children under 12 months old. Lukewarm water should be used with honey.

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| Best way to eat Grains and there Benefits

A grain is a small, hard, dry seed, with or without an attached fruit layer and used for human or animal consumption. Grain is the source of carbohydrates, proteins, oils and essential nutrients. Grains are a rich source of energy and nutrition in their natural state, being a Carbohydrates are the major source of energy and fuel for metabolism in the body. Cereals are edible components of the grain.

List of Grains and importance of grains in the diet.

It is important to ensure that your diet includes more than just one or two cereals.

| Best way to eat Lentils and Nuts

Nuts and seeds provide healthy mono- and polyunsaturated plant oils as well as protein. It is very essential to add to the daily diet.

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Horse Gram (hurali, Madras gram):

Horse gram is a good source of dietary iron and calcium and is among the richest vegetarian sources of protein.

How to consume horse gram?

With reference to Food Body-Isha Health & Wholeness guides, a simple method of germinating horse gram is to tie unsprouted gram in a white cloth. Soak the bundle in a bowl of water for about six to eight hours. Take the bundle out and empty the gram into another cloth. Tie up this new bundle and leave it for about three days. The gram should have sprouted in this time and the germinated seedling will have come out by about half an inch. The sprouted gram can be eaten raw but must be chewed well.


Groundnuts are rich in essential nutrients. It contains protein and an excellent source of several B vitamins, vitamin E, several dietary minerals, such as manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus, and dietary fiber. It is also contains polyphenols, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, phytosterols and dietary fiber.

Note that to take groundnuts in the diet it must be soaked for a minimum of six hours in the water

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