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The lectures are in the English language and the Author of these lectures is the Faculty members of Tamil Nadu Agriculture University.
You can download them accordingly in Separate lecture PDF or Full Course PDF
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Course Outline:

Lecture 01 - History of Microbiology: Spontaneous Generation Theory
Lecture 02 - Germ Theory of Disease
Lecture 03 - Protection against Infections
Lecture 04 - Metabolism in Bacteria
Lecture 05 - ATP Generation
Lecture 06 - Microbial Metabolism – Autotrophs
Lecture 07 - Bacteriophages: Structure and Properties of Bacterial Viruses
Lecture 08 - Lytic and Lysogenic Cycles – Phage Multiplication Cycle
Lecture 09 - Viroids, Prions
Lecture 10 - Bacterial Genetics

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